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Dental implantation case studies | DR. HAGER

Case studies with dental implants

When we are born, we might not be able to show off our teeth to anyone, but they are already present in our mouth even as babies. Over the course of your life, teeth are put under lots of stresses and strains, and this takes its toll. People who end up losing their teeth want to find a good replacement solution. These replacements should look as natural as possible, and function flawlessly. Dental implants can be used in all patients after age when the bones have stopped growing. Even advanced age is rarely a reason for implants not to be used. An ideal solution can be found for almost every single case.

Tooth loss can affect people of all ages:

due to sports and games; through tooth decay; or inflammation of the periodontium (periodontal disease/periodontitis). Poor dental hygiene and/or a poor diet can also damage the teeth.

Modern X-ray technologies support the procedures we carry out.

Dental implantation X-ray machine | DR. HAGER

Missing a single tooth

Implant tooth | DR. HAGER

If a single tooth is lost, the resulting gap can be closed using an implant. With this treatment, the adjacent teeth are not used to support the replacement tooth, and so do not need to be prepared (involving grinding down of the natural teeth). In terms of how the results look, too, implant treatments are often the best solution when compared with conventional treatments. Modern ceramic materials are particularly able to perfectly reproduce natural teeth.

Several teeth missing

Dental implant several teeth | DR. HAGER

In cases where several teeth have been lost, the resulting gaps can be closed using implants. In this treatment, the implants act as supporting pillars for replacement teeth. Cases of several back teeth missing at the end of a row of teeth represent a special situation. In these cases, implants are the best and only solution available to carry a replacement tooth (with the exception of a removable prosthesis, with their many disadvantages). Using implants makes it possible to avoid mechanical retaining elements (e.g. brace wires) that negatively affect both the appearance and comfort of the final treatment.

All teeth are missing

Dental implantation all teeth | DR. HAGER

Even when all teeth are missing, there is a far better solution available than the conventional ‘full prosthesis’, as even in these cases, there are implant treatment options that can be used. Depending on the exact requirements, needs and patient objectives, either a fixed or removable prosthesis solution based on implants can be created. Many removable prosthesis wearers complain about poor comfort levels when using their prosthesis and painful pressure points. Adhesive creams and mechanical solutions can solve these problems, but are often not permanent and produce unsatisfactory results. Thanks to their solid anchoring in the jaw, implants used in combination with a prosthesis can be the perfect solution for these cases. The most comfortable solution is a complete implant-supported prosthesis.

Dr. Benjamin Hager - Dentist Implantation Germany Border Switzerland | Dr.HAGER

“We offer treatment options and procedures adapted to each individual patient’s situation. Whether it be a single tooth that is missing (e.g. due to a sports accident), or several teeth, or even all of the teeth, the DR. HAGER | Dentists can offer the right individual solution for you. With over 30 years of experience in dentistry, and specialising in implantology, we are pleased to be able to treat patients relying on our vast combined expertise.”

Benjamin Hager, Dentist at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice

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