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Dental practice in Konstanz and Bietingen | Dr. HAGER

Dr. Hager 
Dental Practice, at two different locations

The Dr. Hager Dental Practice, a private practice, is located very close to the Swiss border in Bietingen: just 15 minutes drive from Schaffhausen. The train connections to our practice are also very good: from the Bietingen train station, we’re just 10 minutes walk away. 

Feel free to give us a call if you would like directions, or alternatively you can use the route planner on the bottom. Just enter your starting point and it will calculate the best route to take to our practice.

Dentist Germany Swiss border | DR. HAGER


Stockenweg 1
78244 Bietingen

Dentist Germany border Switzerland | DR. HAGER


Obere Laube 48
78462 Konstanz


Praxis Bietingen


Praxis Konstanz