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Dentures | DR. HAGER

Dentures and Dental Prostheses

Missing teeth become a problem for chewing, can impact on our speech, and will affect how patients view their appearance. The dentists at the Dr. Hager Dr. Hager Dental Practice can provide quick treatments for replacement of teeth that represent excellent value for money, ensuring a complete, functional bite, and with it, a new-found quality of life.

At our Dental Practices in Konstanz and Bietingen, our tooth-replacement specialists and highly-trained dental technicians work to create fixed dentures which fit perfectly, as well as removable dentures which can be set onto implants.

Dental technician in the laboratory making a denture

Individual Solutions for Tooth Loss: Dental Prostheses, Crowns and Bridges

The dental laboratories at each of the DR. HAGER | Dental Practices employ cutting-edge technologies to create tooth-replacement solutions and dental prostheses. Prostheses, crowns and implants are produced using the CEREC (or, CEramic REConstruction) method: a model is created of the missing teeth, and a replacement is created using zirconium oxide, a specialist ceramic material.

The CEREC method involves using special video recordings to create a reconstruction from a 3D scan of a silicon impression. Get in touch with our team of dentists and find out more about the different treatment options available for tooth replacement or prostheses.

Fixed Tooth-Replacement Solutions: Crowns, Bridges, and Dental Implants

If only one tooth is missing, most patient opt for a Dental Implant. This highly-durable treatment approach is extremely well tolerated by patients and is associated with a low risk of complications or need for follow-up treatments.

Our dental practices also offer tooth replacement solutions using Dental Crowns or Bridges. Our dental technicians use zirconium oxide to create a solid tooth replacement. This material is both well-tolerated and durable, and is also used in Aesthetic Dental Procedures.

Fixed Tooth Replacement Using Implants: Ball Implant Prostheses

When patients have lost almost all of their teeth, their quality of life is often severely impacted. Complete prostheses that cover the gums, or metal clasp-type prostheses cause patients a great deal of trouble due to pressure points on the gums or the jaw. This type of treatment does not allow for the teeth to be restored with a natural bite, and it is for this reason that our dentists recommend fixed dental prostheses which are anchored onto four implants set into the jaw.

These Implant-Based Prostheses are fixed into position by a locator pin or ball on the implant. The benefits of this type of dental prostheses include a fixed position, comfortable chewing sensation, and ease-of-use.

Our dental technicians also apply the innovative CEREC method for these prostheses, ensuring that the tooth replacement created is both natural and perfectly-fitted to the individual.

Our dentists would be delighted to tell you more about the different treatment options available for dental prostheses and will be there to support you before, during and after your treatment to ensure that you can enjoy your new set of teeth long into the future.