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Dental Implants | DR. HAGER

Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the best treatment option for missing teeth. The dentist implants an artificial tooth root in place of the missing tooth. After a few weeks of healing and growing time, this implant becomes very solidly fixed into the jaw bone. This dental implant can then be used as a robust foundation to fit a crown, bridge or a prosthesis (denture). A new tooth is created: strong, durable, and feeling like a normal tooth. The implants are completely compatible with the human body, and create a great impression visually. This is the true value of implantology: teeth can quite literally be replaced.

One of our experts would be delighted to advise you further in a non-binding consultation appointment about our implants, available either in Konstanz or Bietingen near Schaffhausen.

Implants fall under a highly-specialised field of dental medicine, and so meaningful treatment recommendations can only be made after careful diagnostic tests are carried out on a case-by-case basis.

We can clarify all of your questions during these consultations:


  • Dental implants made from titanium or ceramic materials?
  • Do I have sufficient/too little jaw bone remaining, and do I need a bone grafting procedure?
  • Are the surrounding teeth solid and free from periodontal disease?
  • How compatible are the implants with the body?

Information about dental implants:

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Dental implant consultations

We have a specialist team available for consultations on dental implants, bone grafting and for any other questions at both the Dr. Hager Dental practices, in Konstanz and in Bietingen near Schaffhausen. Cutting-edge medical equipment and machinery, such as digital volume tomography devices (“DVT”, “CB CT”) support our work with reliability and precision during our planning of implant treatments. This complements our firm basis of the years of experience of our implantologists, Dr. Michael Hager, Benjamin Hager and Dominik Hager, with many hundreds of implants provided each year. All of this contributes to our dental teams in Konstanz and Bietingen achieving the best possible result for you.

Make the most of a free appointment with us in which we will provide you more information and answer any questions you might have on dental implants and bone grafting: all of our expertise in a one-to-one, personalised appointment with you.

You can obtain personalised information about dental implants in Konstanz or Bietingen, either over the phone or using our online form page.

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