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German Doctors

On a daily basis, we help our patients to restore their dental health. We achieve this using all of the modern technologies available to dentistry today. As medicine can also help to bring real benefit to the poorer corners of the world, we support the organisation German Doctors e.V.

A little about the organisation’s history
In 1983, the Jesuit priest Bernhard Ehlen formed the committee, “Doctors for the Third World”. The headquarters of the German branch of the organisation is in Frankfurt am Main. The objectives of the organisation include the organisation, intermediation, and supervision of medical, social and humanitarian aid for the sick and needy in disaster areas of the Third World. The “Committee of Doctors for the Third World”, renamed as “German Doctors” since 2011, has assigned 3,800 doctors to positions in the developing countries of the world, on a voluntary and unpaid basis, since its formation. Around 2,100 doctors have travelled to these countries to date, treating patients, providing children with vaccinations, and working on hospital wards.

The committee has a total of nine projects, spread across the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nicaragua. Each project is supported by between two to eight doctors, with an additional dentist joining the team based on the Mindanao island (in the Philippines) and a further dentist joining the medical team in Managua (Nicaragua).

We try to help by donating along with our patients. So, feel free to donate any amount, big or small, to this good cause. We will match any donations that are made by our patients using our own funds and try to make a contribution in this way to helping both adults and children in need.

Dentist Germany social commitment German Doctors | DR. HAGER

Children in the Philippines watch a treatment

You can do something to help!

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