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Our dentists at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice in Konstanz

At our dental practices, we can offer you the entire range of modern dentist treatments. In 1983, we founded our first dental practice in the Konstanz district, and now we work in two different locations near the Swiss border. At our dental practice, we want to provide you with the best possible treatment options, with the aim of providing our patients with dental health that lasts a lifetime. Upholding these high standards, our entire team would be delighted to welcome you to our dental practices in Konstanz and Bietingen near Schaffhausen.

We are sure you will be convinced by the unsurpassed quality of work of the DR. HAGER | Dentists. Completely equipped with the very latest cutting-edge technologies, our dentists and technicians have the best means to offer our patients personalised treatments.  In both our practices, in Konstanz and in Bietingen, we have a dental laboratory with state-of-the-art, computer-controlled ceramic milling technologies.

Working together with our ceramic technicians, we can guarantee the high-quality standards of Dr. Hager GmbH. In the dental laboratories, we create our modern and highly popular all-ceramic crowns and bridges. Fillings for treatment of dental caries can also be milled out of the high-strength ceramic block using the CEREC procedure. All of these treatment materials are naturally white in colour and free of metals, and as such have revolutionised aesthetic dentistry. This means our dentists have even more options when it comes to creating a healthy and radiant smile for our patients. Dental ceramics are also better tolerated by the human body, which is further advantage they offer. Due to these many benefits, they have found a firm place amongst modern dentistry practices. 

The DR. HAGER | Dentists

Zahnärzte Team

Training and treatment approaches of the DR. HAGER | Dentists

Our entire team has been trained at the German University Hospitals. These centres require 5-6 years for dentists to qualify. After a long and intensive period of study, dentists follow different paths depending on their interests and capabilities. This explains how we can offer you solid and coherent treatment approaches through the dentists working in our practices. These approaches have been continuously improved by Dr. med. dent. Michael Hager over the past decades, drawing inspiration from the many great achievements of modern dentistry.

Some research papers and other developments have also had an influence on the sophisticated treatment approaches that have been designed. This is where Dr. med. dent. Michael Hager places particular importance on the material, zirconium oxide. Zirconium oxide is a highly resistant ceramic, mainly used to reinforce crowns and bridges.

Advantages for you offered by our treatment approach

In both our dental practices, in Konstanz and in Bietingen, we can offer you the entire range of modern dentist treatments. We offer comprehensive in-house treatments, with no need to refer outside our practices. Our dentists and our service team act as your single point of contact, from the very first appointment until your treatment has been completed. Even when your dental treatment has been completed, we will take the best care of you with our generous treatment guarantees, nicely rounded off by our reliable after-care plans. Our after-care services are for the most part provided by our highly-competent dental hygienists, who have been provided with specialist training by us internally in our treatment approaches.

This after-care includes professional teeth cleaning, which consists of highly efficient cleaning and maintaining of both your own teeth, and particularly any teeth replacements. Regular professional dental cleaning is fundamental to achieving healthy teeth and a radiant smile.  

That is why we always ensure that you receive only the most professional care by our warm staff in all treatment areas.

Which dentists can be found in Konstanz, and which can be found in Bietingen?

Some dentists spend more time at one location, for example in Konstanz. However, all dentists also spend at least one day at the second location. This means that our patients always have the chance to be treated by the same dentists, even if they decide to change locations.

In this way, Dr. med. dent. Eva Krapf sees patients more often in the Konstanz practice. Dr. Sarah Kästle welcomes more patients to our practice in Bietingen. The Hager family dentists split their time equally between the two practices.

Zahnärztin Leonore Blum Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Dr. Leonore Ziegler

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Dr. Marion Auer Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Dr. Marion Auer

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Paula Greß Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Paula Greß

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Lisa Sophie Dreier Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Lisa Sophie Dreier

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Caroline Jakobi Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Caroline Jakobi

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Dr. Eva Murmann - Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Dr. Eva Krapf

Specialist for all-ceramics and prosthetics
Zahnärztin Dr. Ingeborg Hager Spezialistin für Vollkeramik und Prothetik

Dr. Ingeborg Hager

Specialist for orthodontics
Zahnarzt Dr. Michael Hager Spezialist für Zahnimplantate

Dr. Michael Hager

Specialist for dental implants
Zahnarzt Dominik Hager Spezialist für Zahnimplantate

Dominik Hager

Specialist for dental implants
Zahnarzt Benjamin Hager - Spezialist für Zahnimplantate

Benjamin Hager

Specialist for dental implants

Dr. Hager Dental Practice in Konstanz

Our location in Konstanz has particularly become more popular recently due to its proximity to the LAGO shopping centre and the lively old town. That’s why we have continually expanded our premises, having to make use of larger rooms in the practice. Located just 6 minutes walk from the LAGO shopping centre, we would like to welcome you to our practice! We are delighted that our patients are so pleased with dental treatments received at the Konstanz location and come back to us time and time again. More and more Swiss patients are deciding to take advantage of the treatments we offer. For this reason, we have also improved our services with our neighbours in mind. For years now, our solid reputation has been spreading across Switzerland, with patients even findings their way to us from French-speaking areas of the country. Our entire team is proud of this development and we would like to show our appreciation for this trust placed in us by offering additional services to our Swiss patients.

Our practices are located close to the Swiss border, making them easy to reach from different regions of Switzerland. We have even made payments simpler for our Swiss patients by having Swiss bank accounts. Payment records and guarantees have similarly been adapted to make your visit as pleasant as possible. To make appointments with us, or for more information, please contact us either by phone, or using the contact form. Online bookable appointments are also available for our dental hygiene.

Dr. Hager in Bietingen near Schaffhausen

Our practice in Bietingen is located right on the Swiss border, just past Schaffhausen. Many of our patients value its good accessibility and the abundance of parking spaces available around the dental practice. Just as in Konstanz, this location has the same state-of-the-art technical equipment. 3D computer tomography technology is available at both the dental practices. This means that we can visualise treatment areas and anatomical structures in high-resolution 3D X-ray imaging. These and other imaging techniques help us to achieve our precise and targeted treatments.

Implantology treatments in particular benefit from the DVT 3D X-ray imaging technology, as this allows our dentists to navigate in and around the available bone with high levels of precision. The practice also has its own dental laboratory with 5 dental technicians. This allows us to guarantee you a point of contact for any issues that may arise. We provide comprehensive treatments at our dental practices, i.e. specialists will be on hand from all the major fields of dentistry. In this way, we also ensure that you always have a single point of contact over the course of your treatment. We are proud to be able to offer this as a family business.

Specialist treatment areas of the Dr. Hager Dental Practices:

  • Implantology:  Implants are artificial tooth roots used to replace lost teeth.
  • Parodontology: The area covering infectious diseases of the tissues that surround and support the teeth, which can lead to loss of teeth.
  • Tooth decay (caries) treatment: Preventative treatment and recognition of the early signs of tooth decay, in addition to filling treatments in the case of any damage.
  • Prosthetics: Replacing damaged or missing teeth using bridges and crowns made of a ceramic material.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my own dentist, or will I be assigned a dentist at random?
You can, of course, choose your dentist yourself. We know that many patients first need to build up trust in order to lose their fear of going to the dentist. This is easiest if you already know someone from the practice. Let us know when you make your appointments and we will organise for suitable appointments with your preferred dentist.
Pain-free treatments: are treatments always pain-free?
Almost all treatments can be carried out pain-free. When starting any treatments, we take the greatest of care when applying numbing agents and anaesthetics. Once anaesthetics have been applied, we arrange for a long break to allow the anaesthetic agents the time required to diffuse into the tissues. If you can still feel any pain despite this, you can just let us know at any time. We can also provide laughing gas sedation for more anxious patients.
Do you offer commitment-free consultations in order for patients to find out more information?
Yes, of course! We offer detailed initial consultations just for this purpose. This comprehensive examination involves taking of X-ray images and an initial assessment. Following this, we discuss your current status with you and show you the different treatment options available. When doing so, we aim to offer you the most personalised solutions possible, which is why we take as much time as needed.