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Dental Treatment Germany | DR. HAGER

Dental treatment at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice

When seeking dental treatments or tooth replacement solutions, we invite patients to visit us at either of our two locations of the Dr. Hager Dental Practice in Germany, on the Swiss border: in Konstanz, and in Bietingen near Schaffhausen. The aim of each and every dental treatment we perform is to achieve the best, most durable results for our patients. We have been developing out dental treatment concept over many years now. Our dentists can count on the support of specialised teams when providing tooth replacement (denture) solutions for their patients.

Our dental hygienists and dental technicians make a significant contribution to our treatment success, providing professional tooth cleaning treatments, or creating metal-free tooth replacement solutions. These treatment teams are available to our patients at both of our locations in Germany. Our proximity to the Swiss border is essential for us to be able to provide both our German and Swiss patients with long-term care and treatments.

Dental Implants | DR. HAGER

Dental Implants

Crowns and bridges dental prosthesis dental crown | DR. HAGER

Crowns & bridges

Zahnfüllung - Keramikfüllung - Keramikinlays


Dental Hygiene | DR. HAGER

Dental hygiene

Implant treatments

For a long time, dentists were only able to replace missing teeth with treatments involving inadequate prostheses (dentures), and teeth infected with bacteria had to be preserved. Functional tooth replacement treatments were otherwise impossible to achieve. In more recent times, dental treatments have been perfected with dental implants, making a treatment option available that can work for patients in any condition.

Our dentists carry out dental treatments for you applying the highest levels of expertise, supported by a reliable team, and using a proven treatment approach. All of our work and all treatments are carried out without relying on external providers. The entire treatment process handled by one team at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice, in Konstanz and Bietingen near Schaffhausen.

Implants Advantages | DR. HAGER


 Surgical procedure - Implants Treatment procedure | DR. HAGER

Treatment process

Deep caries - Implants Case studies | DR. HAGER

Example cases

Implants Questions & Answers | DR. HAGER

Questions & Answers

Tooth replacement treatments (dentures)

Every patient is familiar with this dental treatment. Teeth are broken or missing, or gaps in teeth become undesirable due to problems when chewing or smiling. These can be treated by our dentists using a bridge. This type of tooth replacement uses either teeth or implants as a supporting base, with the bridge being solidly fixed onto these ‘pillars’. This is unlike a treatment with removable dentures, called a prosthesis (or denture).

These are only loosely anchored into the mouth. These types of denture usually involve a poor fit, meaning they can become loose during speaking or chewing, becoming extremely disrupting and awkward for patients. Our dentists can improve this fit significantly by using two implants: a clear clicking sound as the prosthesis is fixed into place reassures patients of this secure fit.

Crowns and bridges dental prosthesis dental crown | DR. HAGER


Dental prosthesis dental bridge | DR. HAGER


Dental prosthesis advantages | DR. HAGER


Dental prosthesis case studies | DR. HAGER

Example cases

Aesthetic dentistry

White, smooth, straight and blemish-free: that’s what most people want for their teeth. And just that is what is made possible today by modern dentistry.

Modern aesthetics-enhancing methods can achieve the best appearance for your teeth. They are non-aggressive, affordable treatments that cause no pain whatsoever.

Veneers | DR. HAGER


Zahnfüllung - Keramikfüllung - Keramikinlays

Ceramic Fillings

Bleaching | DR. HAGER


Dental Hygiene | DR. HAGER

Dental hygiene