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Dental Technician Team | Dr. HAGER

Dr. Hager Dental Laboratory

For permanent dental prosthetics, we will need you to come in for a detailed consultation with one of our experienced dentists. The dentist can then work together with one of our dental technicians to create an exact dental treatment plan for you.

Our dental technicians and dentists enjoy working together on any aspects that arise over the entire technical manufacturing phase for the dental prosthetic solution. Each case is then discussed to decide on the individual form of crowns, colour design, functional variants and other important aspects from a specialist perspective.

During your stay in the practice in Bietingen, you can observe these processes from our laboratory viewing window in the waiting room.

The “all-under-one-roof” principle that we apply at the Dr. Hager Dental Practices, in combination with dentists and dental laboratories in both dental practices, is particularly valued by our patients. Each location offers a highly-specialised team of dental technicians, equipped with the most cutting-edge devices for digital three-dimensional planning and manufacture of dental prosthetic solutions. These processes ensure a high degree of perfection.

The 3D manufacturing processes are also used as part of CAD-CAM dental technology. CAD stands for “computer-aided design”, i.e. planning of dental prosthetics by using digital technology; CAM stands for “computer-aided manufacturing”, i.e. the computer-controlled production of the planned dental prosthetic.

Zahntechniker Team

CAD/CAM: a digital revolution in dental technology

With the advent of digital dental technologies, the dental technology world also shifted at the Dr. Hager Dental Practices. Where dental prosthetic treatments a few years ago were mainly achieved using a combination of a steady hand, wax impressions and metal casting techniques, hands now take to the touch-pad or mouse of a dental planning and milling computer. Our ambitious dental technicians combine these capabilities with their highly-developed abilities to visualise the fitted final solutions.

This all allows for precision work to be carried out in an elegant way that would previously have been inconceivable. Teeth, dental implants, and tooth gaps are all treated exclusively using these biologically-compatible, high-quality crowns and bridges. Our dental laboratory continually invests in machines, and further training and specialisation in order to combine high-quality dental technologies with dental treatments for our patients.

Using CAD/CAM technologies, our dental technicians can now design and manufacture solutions for crowns or bridges, or even create complete solutions for the upper or lower jaw. These technologies mean combinations of tooth implants and existing teeth prepared for treatments can be readily visualised in a quick and easy way. Primarily all-ceramic solutions have been used at the laboratories of the Dr. Hager Dental Practices for more than 25 years.

CAD: –> Computer-aided Design
CAM: –> Computer-aided Manufacturing

The Dental Technology Capabilities: Innovation and Sustainability

In our eyes, training in the field of dental technologies is unfortunately still lacking with regard to the new digital dental revolution. There are some higher specialist examinations in dental digital technology available on the market. In the dental laboratories of the Dr. Hager Dental Practices, these skills are systematically passed on to new dental technicians through our company-internal training curriculum. 

Our leading dental technicians have years of experience in dental technologies and can provide solutions for any kind of individual request. Whether it be a single tooth or several missing teeth, individual abutments for implants, working with different ceramic materials, blending in layers, or staining techniques, the challenges our dental technicians face are varied, met by their high levels of qualifications and motivation.

Dental Technology Laboratory | Dr. HAGER

What can be manufactured in the Dr Hager dental laboratory?

  • All-ceramic bridges
  • All-ceramic crowns
  • All-ceramic, complete upper or lower jaw bridges (circular multi-pontic bridges)
  • Prostheses with plastic base materials and replacement teeth made from composite materials
  • All-ceramic crowns on dental implants
  • All-ceramic inlays
  • All-ceramic veneers

To achieve this, we use:

  • Complex 3D planning
  • 3D milling machines with 5-axis milling technology
  • Aesthetic ceramic colour-liquid procedure
  • Orthodontic appliances from the field biological dentistry
  • Full denture prosthetics

Approach of the Dr. Hager Dental Laboratory

In our dental laboratories, we only use materials that meet the highest worldwide quality standards in place at the time. These high-tech materials are individually tested using inspection methods from the field of biological dentistry, some also finding applications in space technologies. Combining the computer-controlled robots and the personal creativity of each and every dental technician can promise an aesthetic solution that will do justice to our patients’ high expectations. 

It is our aim for each dental prosthetic solution to be elaborated with patient and dentist working hand in hand, ensuring that our patients can leave the practice with both a big smile and feeling completely satisfied with the result. In this area, we set very high standards in terms of quality, aesthetics and durability. We are always happy to invite patients into our dental laboratory to have a peek over our technicians’ shoulders and see how they work.

Dental Technician Selina | Dr. HAGER

“Combining innovation and the highest standards in terms of durability: that’s what I relate with today’s modern dentistry technologies. The laboratory team at the Dr. Hager Dental Practices work to develop new ideas for the benefit of our patients. Through contact with patients in the dental practice, you have the opportunity to see the precisely elaborated work directly in our patients. This is something that is a real motivational boost for us as dental technicians.”

Selina, Dental technician at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice