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Dental implantation X-ray machine | DR. HAGER

Dr. Hager Quality Hallmarks

For over 30 years, we have been providing patients at our dental practices with the highest-quality dental care. A lifetime of experience combined with modern equipment mean we are able to guarantee treatment success and be a competent source of comfort even for patients presenting difficult cases.

More than 40 years of dental and orthodontic experience, in addition to over 35 years of experience in implantology, with over 12,000 implants set.

The whole treatment spectrum, from just one practice
Even when faced with complicated cases, the entire treatment process is carried out by our own team in our practices.

High technical standards
In order to ensure treatments are safe, our practices are equipped with the most modern equipment, such as digital X-rays and digital tomography devices with 3D digital visualisation of the jaw.

Consultation appointments
Your first appointment for a consultation with us will always be on a one-to-one basis and is guaranteed to be completely thorough. During these appointments we also give definitive quotes for treatment costs.

The Dr. Hager dental practice’s own dental laboratory
Our dental prosthetic products are manufactured from start to finish in our own dental laboratories based within the practices, using high-precision, computer-controlled CAD/CAM processes.

Financial security and transparency
Prices given on treatment quotes are set and will not be exceeded.

After your treatment
To maintain your teeth ( and new dentures ) over the long term, we have an excellent dental hygiene department, made up of a lovely team who will provide you with the greatest care and attention.

Certified quality materials
All the materials we use for implants, dentures and fillings have been tested according to holistic dentistry guidelines for their biological compatibility.

Qualifications and awards
We are particularly proud of our qualified status as “implantology specialists”, awarded by the DGZI ( German Association of Dental Implantology ). We are also members of various different scientific societies and associations. You can find an overview of our awards and qualifications on the page below: there you can find our quality certifications and what each of these means.

Automatic preparation and sterilisation processes with cutting-edge technologies ensure for high levels of hygiene quality.

Cheap dentists Germany with quality | DR. HAGER

Awards and certifications of Dr. Michael Hager and Dr. Ingeborg Hager:

“Implantology specialist” awarded by the DGZI –
» German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) (Dr. M. Hager)

“Diplomate Implantology” awarded by the ICOI –
» International Congress of Oral Implantologists (Dr. M. Hager)

“Activity Focus on Implantology” awarded by the BDIZ (Association of Implant Dentists in Europe) – » Association of Implant Dentists in Europe (Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte in Europa e. V.)and membership of the DGI (German Implantology Association)- » German Implantology Association (DGI) (Dr. M. Hager)

Membership of GKO (Holistic Orthodontics Society)- » Holistic Orthodontics Society (Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Kieferorthopädie) (Dr. I. Hager)

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Specialist Implantology DGZI | DR. HAGER
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