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Gingivitis dentist Germany

Dental diseases

In their early stages, dental diseases such as caries and inflammation of the gums are generally painless. For this reason, when a diagnosis of periodontal disease or caries is made, it can often be a surprise. Early detection of caries and periodontal disease during check-ups are equally as important as ensuring well-developed and diligent preventative measures and after-care treatments. 

At the Dr. Hager Dental Practice, we have been extremely successful in treating all stages of periodontal disease and caries. Even in cases where teeth are lost due to periodontal disease and caries, we provide personalised and individual treatments with the highest quality materials on offer in international dental medicine.


Inflamed gums


Periodontal Disease



Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding


More information and appointments


If you would like to find out more about inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease, or caries, then please request more information material via our information desk.

Our service team will be delighted to help!

You can also ask our team about what preventative steps you could be taking, or you can book a dental hygiene appointment with us directly with our dental hygienists working at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice in Konstanz or in Bietingen near Schaffhausen. You can also make your appointments for dental care from the comfort of your own home: click here to directly book your desired appointment time in just a few clicks!